Acton Blink Lite Review

acton-blink-lite review

Are you looking for a budget-friendly and a super light weight skateboard? Then the Acton Blink Lite electric skateboard might just be the ideal method of transportation for you. Blink Lite comes with a modern look and smart technology and has one fo the lightest hub motor skateboard on the market.  Read the full Acton Blink Lite review below.


Speed- This skateboard offers a maximum speed of 10 mph, which is on the lower side compared to the other higher end models out there. It seems like a classic, ‘you get what you pay for. If high top speed is not important to you or if you are buying it for a child, the Blink Lite may be a great fit. The board is easy to carry and there isn’t going to be any worry of the board reaching too high speed for children and beginners. 

Riding Range– The performance of the Acton blink lite is good but the 5 miles range is pretty limiting. At this price point, some riders expect to get something higher and more fulfilling. So if you are looking for a groundbreaking range, you may want to look at other products like the Lightboard single motor belt, which offers higher range per charge. The manufacturer seems to have deliberately priced this board low because other high-end boards are considerably costlier. This goes to show that the cost to performance ratio of the Acton blink lite is fairly good. Unfortunately, we recommend that you look at other models if you weigh more than the recommended 180 lbs rider limit because the riding range may be slightly lower than 5 miles. 

Battery– The Acton Blink Lite’s motor is fitted under the hood (the wheels hold the motor) and is powered by a lithium ion battery. There many features on this board that you will likely not find on other brands – one of this being able to use it as a longboard when you run out of battery. This means that you will not be stuck when the battery runs out of juice. Fortunately for you, the battery slightly charges up every time you use the breaks, thus helping you conserve battery life.


Weight- The manufacturers claim that this board is the World’s lightest electric skateboard. We have reviewed tons of  electric skateboards and it’s safe to say that we have yet to find a board that weighs less than 7.7  pounds. The good thing about this board is that the essential features are not stripped off to make way for the size. Weighing less also means that it is portable – making it easy for you to carry under your arm or strap it in a backpack. .

Controller- The Acton Blink Lite comes with a wireless remote, which is made from an easy grip material. This ensures that you get a firm grip and the odds of dropping the remote during rides is greatly minimized. Also, the remote is small so children smaller hands can use it with ease. However, some riders have questioned the quality of the remote, noting that it feels cheap and breakable.

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The Deck- The deck is made from bamboo, which is more durable than plastic. The deck;s is length is 27″ which maybe small if you are going to be using it at high speed. A board at this length might become uncomfortable for you, especially your feet, when you are using this on longer rides. However, the board has a smooth ride and the little flex on the deck helps to absorb vibrations when you ride on rough terrains. This board also comes With an integrated light strip, you will be safer while riding because it makes you more visible.

7 Total Score
Acton Blink Lite Overview

The Acton blink board is purely a budget product. If you are looking for a skateboard that fulfills the needs of a regular rider but lacks the bells and whistles on higher end boards, then this is a good choice. But if you don't have a budget constraint and are happy to pay higher for more speed and stability, you may want to look at other high end models like the Boosted Board

  • Affordable
  • World's lightest electric skateboard
  • Regenerative brakes
  • inconsistent range
  • simple remote