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Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard Review

Benchweheel Electric Skateboard Review

About The Benchwheel Dual

Looking for an electric skateboard with a premium look and feel but at a fraction of the cost? Introducing the Benchwheel Dual 1800 Watt. The Benchwheel has a retro longboard look with modern electric skateboard technology. Created in HangZhou China, the Benchwheel company has put together a special longboard that is well worth the money. Read the full Benchwheel Dual electric skateboard review below.


  • Max Speed: 20mph (30 kmh).The twin motor configuration allows for powerful acceleration and balanced power output on both sides. This is the ideal speed for an electric skateboard at its price range.
  • Range: Up to 12 miles. 12-mile riding range is nothing to brag about but it should easily last you a week of normal riding.
  • Battery: The Benchwheel dual is fitted with an 8.8 Ah large LiFePo4 battery pack. Many experts say that LiFePo batteries provide better safety characteristics than the typical lithium ion batteries that come with other electric skateboards. LifePo4 batteries are Incombustible and are stable during short circuit conditions. If the battery ever comes under duress or high temperature it will not decompose or lose efficiency because of its phosphate based cathode material.  The board also charges in 3-4 hours, this is very fast.
  • Motor: 2 high powered brushless motors with a maximum output of 1800 watts each. Compared to other electric skateboards with a single motor, the twin motor configuration provides reliable and strong braking.


Benchwheel Dual Electric Skateboard Review 2
  • Weight: 16 pounds. This is what really makes this electric longboard special. There are very few electric skateboards on the market that can reach a max speed of 20mph and only weigh 16 pounds. This means that you can easily transport this board between destinations. For people that live in the city this is the ideal skateboard for carrying onto the train or bus.
  •  The Deck: The Benchwheel dual is made from 3 based layers of bamboo and 2 layers of fiberglass, which what make the board so light and resilient. The board also comes with a carved out grip along the side of the board for carrying convenience. Along the bottom of the board there is a sleek metal case that protects all of the boards electronics when riding along rough or wet terrains. The slim case is barely noticeable to onlookers and it may even seem as if you are riding traditional longboard. (Dimensions: 36 in. x 9.4 in)


benchwheel dual electric skateboard review controller
  • The Bench wheel comes with a Bluetooth remote that is fitted with 5 LED lights. The lights on the bottom of the remote indicate the battery status of the board while the 2 are for keeping track of speed. The trigger on the remote controls the speed and acceleration of the board. Unlike other electric skateboards, the acceleration of the board is curved rather then immediate acceleration. This type of controlled acceleration ensures that you will not go flying off the back of the board when you mash hard on the trigger. This type of acceleration control is called sine-wave modulation.
8.5 Total Score
Benchwheel Electric Skateboard Review Overview

The Benchwheel  Dual 1800w is one of the most powerful and visually appealing electric skateboards available on the market today. At a price of  $1,700 you will not find an electric skateboard with this many advanced features and impressive specs. The makers of the Benchwheeldual have put together a special electric skateboard that is going to give all the other boards a run for their money. 

  • 20mph max speed
  • Acceleration control technology
  • Powerful Dual Motor
  • Fast charging
  • Not the best riding range
  • Could use better overall styling