Boosted Board Review

Boosted board reviews


  • Max Speed – 20mph : Getting to your destination has never been more efficient. At these speeds, shredding down the street and having a great time is inevitable.
  • Range– 7miles : The Boosted Board range is typically 7 miles under normal conditions. Riding uphill or on uneven surfaces will decrease the range. You can expect to get 6 miles or less when unleashing the board’s “expert” riding mode. Keep in mind that the Boosted Board only weighs 15 pounds and it can be kick pushed like a regular skateboard if you run out of battery. Seven miles may not be much when compared to other high-end electric skateboards but this Board is so well designed that you forget your not on a traditional skateboard.
boosted board performance review
  • Power– A powerful 1500 watts lithium Ion Battery. Estimated charge time of about one hour. There are no other boards on the market that charge this fast. The fast charge time definitely makes up for the short riding range.
  • Brakes– The Boosted Board uses a powerful regenerative braking system. The regenerative brakes charge the board’s lithium ion battery when riding downhill to maximize your ride time. Companies like Tesla use a similar brake system in their vehicles. The Boosted Board’s brakes are designed to help slow you down even when you are making sharp turns or racing downhill.

About the Boosted Board Dual

This is not your typical long board…The Boosted Board started off as a kick starter project that received hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the brand launched. Upon first glance, the 2016 Boosted Board may appear to be a standard long board but it is so much more. The Boosted Board is one of the most eye catching exciting electric skateboards to hit the market. Unlike its counter parts the Boosted Board has a very sleek design and most people will not realize that you are actually riding an electric skateboard. Before you consider picking up the Boosted Board it’s important to know exactly what you will be getting. Read the full Boosted Board review,below. 


  • Weight – 15ld : With the Boosted Board only weighing 15 pounds , carrying it on the bus or the train is a breeze.
  • Deck Length– 38 inches: A great sized longboard for navigating sidewalk traffic and storing in narrow places.
  • Truck Width– 10 inches
  • Wheels – 75mm Orangatang in heat high strength urethane with a 56mm contact patch. These bright orange Orangatang wheels provide great traction for everyday terrain. Unfortunately these wheels are not customizable. Replacement Boosted Board wheels can be purchased from the Boosted Board website for $105 (4 wheels)…Did we mention that they look awesome!!

Included With The Boosted Board Dual:

boosted board remote
  • Remote Control: The custom remote helps to give you direct control over the brakes and the Boosted Board speed. The remote’s LED display tells you exactly how much range is left on the board so that you can prepare for your next charge up. The Boosted Board has 3 different speed modes that are all controlled from the remote by the ultra-responsive throttle trigger. The three different speed modes are a great feature for people that are just learning to ride. Beginners that are not familiar with electric skateboards can start off at a slower pace (eco mode) while those that are more advanced can easily reach top speed whenever they please at the 3rd level (expert mode). The Bluetooth wireless controller is also fitted with a kill switch so if you lose control or fall off the board, the motor will immediately cut off to prevent your board from running away. 
  • Charger: The standard 60 minute charger is compact and similar to the size of laptop charger. With the charger being this small it be charged pretty much anywhere. For people that are in a hurry, this board can be 85% charged within 30 minutes.
9 Total Score
Boosted Board Review Summary

The Boosted Board Dual is a top of the line electric skateboard that is ideal for your every day commute to work or just a fun ride around town. The creators of the Boosted Board made this skateboard with a classic longboard in mind, so that when riding you never lose that authenticity. The price may be a little high but the quality of the board and the unique features definitely justify the price (click below to learn more about the Boosted Board’s price).If you enjoy the features of this electric skateboard , than you will also enjoy the Benchwheel Dual review.

  • High quality longboard made from loaded vanguard bamboo.
  • Powerful motor that can climb grades of 25%
  • Wireless controller with built in kill switch.
  • Decent range of 7 miles when riding in Boosted Board’s eco mode (Around 4.5 mile range when riding in Expert mode)
  • Some riders have complained that the initial acceleration is a little aggressive for beginners.
  • Can be a little challenging to push kick when the battery is dead.