Electric Skateboards
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Not all electric skateboards are built the same. The market is saturated with electric skateboards that can shred the streets , but there are very few ...

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Looking for an electric skateboard that is both practical and affordable? Look no further than the Yuneec E-go Electric skateboard. The E-Go is an electric ...

Luoov Electric Skateboard Review

The luoov electric skateboard is another skateboard that is sure to get you adrenaline pumping. The luoov electric long board is not as visually appealing as ...

Evolve Carbon Street Reviews

The Carbon Street Electric skateboard is a board that is designed for the skateboard enthusiast. This premium skateboard is unlike any other on the market. ...

Boosted Board Review

Max Speed – 20mph : Getting to your destination has never been more efficient. At these speeds, shredding down the street and having a great time is ...