E Glide Electric Skateboard Review (All-Terrain)

E-Glie All Terrain Electric Skateboard Review

About the E-Glide AT Aluminum

The E-glide Aluminum AT is another all-terrain electric skateboard that is looking to change the industry. Being one of the only aluminum electric skateboards available today, the E-Glide AT does a great job of visually separating itself from other all terrain boards. When you drill into the specs and features of this electric skateboard is when most consumers realize that the All Terrain E-Glide is just as effective off-road as it is ripping down your local streets. If you are looking for a compact electric skateboard that can handle the roughest rides and biggest bumps then look no further than the E-Glide Aluminum AT. Read the full E Glide skateboard review below. 


Max Speed: 24 mph. The E-Glide A/T can reach a max speed of 24mph within just 5 seconds. This little board is very quick especially since it is built for off-road rides. Many owners of E-Glide Aluminum claim that this board is just plain “over powered” with the right amount of torque.

Range: 15 miles. The EGlide A/T can be ridden for 15 miles when on completely flat terrain. If you decide to take this bad boy for a spin on some hills you will be sacrificing the overall board riding range.

Braking: Powerful regenerative braking with controlled RPM for downhill riding. Controlled down hill RPMs are very important for rider safety. The last thing that you want is to be riding down hill and the board jolts ahead of you, leaving you behind.

E-Glide all terrain aluminum electric skateboard reviews

Battery/ Motor: 12 volt / 12 amp B & B Battery EB Series, This battery is the most reliable battery that the e-glide engineers have ever put into a powerboard. This battery is quite large and makes the board quite heavy. With the amount of power output that this board offers, it’s understandable.  The power in the E Glide aluminum allows for it to easily climb hills at a good speed. The  E-Glide A/T was manufactured with European industrial grade electronics that are mated to an 800 watt, 36 volt motor.


Weight: 75 pounds. The eglide skateboard is easily the heaviest board on the market. At 75 pounds the board can be challenging to lift and transport when you are not riding it. But, having a board with this type of weight isn’t all bad. 75 pounds means that the board is very stable. When you step on top of this board you immediately feel balanced. The makers of e-glide skateboards say that a majority of their customers are older because they find the board easy to ride. With other lighter electric skateboards you must already be familiar with how to balance on a traditional skateboard.

Tires: 10 inch Kenda Hi Performance Slicks. The E-Glide A/T comes standard with off road tires. Kenda tires have been used for 10 years on GoPed racing scooters, and have excellent handling characteristics. The tires are great for use on gravel dirt, concrete or asphalt

The Deck: The E-Glide A/T is made from .25 inch aluminum that has been laser cut and hydraulically shaped for a much smoother ride.


Unlike other modern day electric skateboards that come with a wireless Bluetooth controller. The E-Glide AT is wired to the rear of the board with a 4 foot cable. E-Glide riders have stated that this cable does not hinder their ability to effectively ride the board. Some even say that the attached remote is much more responsive and that it is nice to not have to worry about constantly recharging the remote batteries.  

6.5 Total Score
EGlide Skateboard Review Summary

E-Glide has been building electric skateboards for over 10 years now and the all terrain aluminum is one of their best models to date. The A/T took over 4 years to produce and is the sturdiest all terrain skateboard available on for sale. E-Glide also makes 2 other similar models that you might find interesting. There’s the GT Powerboard which is slightly longer than the AT version and is dropped a quarter inch at the center of the board for better ride control. The GT powerboard is the most popular product that E-Glide sells today. There is also an all black version of the GT powerboard called the “black anodized edition”, it has a very slick look and it is their most expensive model.

  • Great balance and stability.
  • High-powered
  • All-terrain capabilities
  • Board durability
  • Heaviest board on the market
  • Some prefer a wireless controller
  • Lower than average range.