Evolve Carbon Street Reviews

evolve carbon street reviews

About the Evolve Carbon Street

The Carbon Street Electric skateboard is a board that is designed for the skateboard enthusiast. This premium skateboard is unlike any other on the market. From the hidden battery to the high speed, this skateboard is a well crafted machine. Read the full Evolve Carbon Street review below.


Max Speed: 23 mph. This is the fastest skateboard that we have reviewed on this site. The Evolve Carbon Street built for speed and adrenaline. This is the type of board that you must take beyond the sidewalk in order to fully enjoy what it is capable of. You have never been this fast on skateboard before.

Range: 25 miles. This range paired with the high speed that this board can reach is a rare combination that should not be overlooked. The average electric skateboard has range of about 10 miles. If you are riding this board every day you can go close to a month on two charges. The 36 volt battery can be charged in 4-5 hours on a normal charge but charges in 2.5 hours with their “super fast charger” .The carbon street is blowing the competition out of the water in this category. 

Power: 350 watts with a maximum output of 700 watts. 350 watts may not sound like much when stacked up against other motors but with 5500 RPM this custom brushless motor will have you tearing through the streets without a problem.

Brakes: The ABS  Regenerative brakes on the Carbon Street are firm, smooth and feed power back into the battery. This breaking system allows for riders to get the most out of their 25 mile range.


Evolve Carbon Street

Wheel Size: 80mm. All boards come with 80mm/80a Orange Orangatang Kegels. All terrain wheels can also be added to the carbon street, for  extreme off road rides. This is one of the only skateboard with the capability of handling both street and off road riding. 

Weight: 18.7lbs. Coming in at close to 19 pounds, the Evolve Carbon is a little bit on the heavier side. The board is so heavy due to the deck being made of a mixture of carbon fiber and Kevlar. When the Evolve carbon is fitted with all terrain wheels it weighs a total of 23 pounds.

Deck Length: 43 inches. This deck is longer than most electric skateboards on the market but the added length helps with stability during high speed rides. 

Trucks: The Evolve Carbon Street’s trucks are fully adjustable and can be customized based on your ability. These trucks are perfect for the casual rider or for riders that loves to carve.


Included With The Evolve Carbon Street:

  • Remote Control : The Carbon Street controller has a very simple design with informative LED lights and riding style settings. The blue light on the remote indicates the controllers battery status and the green light on the remote indicates the deck’s battery status. The controller connects to the board wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • The App: Iphone users (Android App coming soon) can connect to their board through a custom designed app. The app includes features such as tracking your rides, checking battery power and finding other local riders. Having an app that connects you to other Carbon Street riders in your area gives you the opportunity to find people that are just as passionate about skateboarding as you are.

Special Features

-The Evolve Carbon Street is made from a mixture of carbon fiber and Kevlar. This type of design hides all of the board’s wiring and electrics within a water resistant deck. You will never have to worry about your skateboard short circuiting due to water damage. 

– The motor is very small  but packs a massive punch. Much like the benchwheel dual

9 Total Score
Evolve Carbon Street Review Overview

The Evolve Carbon Street is what you might call the king of electric skateboards. The speed and range of this board are unmatched by any other electric skateboard available on the market today. The $1,600 price point for this board may be high but is certainly worth it when you are carving the streets on a high-quality board. If you are looking for something a little cheaper with comparable specs, than you should check out the Beach wheel Dual electric skateboard review.

  • VERY High speed
  • Long riding distance.
  • Board built from high quality carbon fiber and kevlar.
  • Off road capabilities.
  • Iphone app that connects you with other riders.
  • A little expensive.
  • Can not customize colors.