Fiik Street Surfer Electric Skateboard Review

Fiik Street Surfer Reviews

About the Fiik Street Surfer

Not all electric skateboards are built the same. The market is saturated with electric skateboards that can shred the streets , but there are very few skateboards that have the ruggedness of an all-terrain longboard and the power of an electric skateboard. Introducing the Fiik Street Surfer electric skateboard. The creators of FIIK electric skateboards  “Future Is In Knowledge” specialize in designing traditional off road and all terrain boards, so it is a true gem for them to create an electric skateboard that can tackle even the roughest terrain. The Fiik Street surfer has a classic retro look with modern day technology that makes riding this board a unique experience. Read the full Fiik Street Surfer review below.

Specs and Design

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Wheels: Aluminum light weight with a rock solid design. The wheel base is shorter than you may expect which gives you better maneuverability in tighter turns and tricky surfaces.

Price: The Fiik Street Surfer is priced at $1,400. This price is a little steep, but you’re paying for high quality engineering.  

Weight: Unfortunately with an upgraded battery comes added weight. When fitted with the larger battery, this Fiik board comes in at whopping 68 pounds, compared to about 48 pounds with the standard battery. This is as heavy as electric skateboards get but they carry such a large amount of weight for a reason. When you are shredding through grass,gravel, or even sand, the street surfer will absorb all of the rough patches and bumps.The Fiik Street surfer is not intended for your daily commute due to its massive weight. It is better suited for off-road adventures with your friends

The Deck: The Street surfers deck is the perfect blend of retro styling with dynamic control. The deck has a concave shape that allows for better stance traction. Did we mention that it also includes a super cool classic speed stripe design!


  • Max Speed & Power: 22 mph. The Street Surfer packs a powerful 800 watt electric motor that will have you flying down the street at 22 mph. These speeds are comparable to other well known electric skateboards like the boosted board but the competition does not carry the same off-road capabilities as the street surfer.


  • Range: 10-15 miles. The Street Surfer will have you surfing the streets for about 15 miles on a full charge. A full charge takes an average of about 5 hours to complete. There is also a quick charger coming soon that allows for the board to be charged in as little as 2 hours. The Street Surfers battery is made from a sealed lead acid (LiFeP04 battery) that provides about 500 charges without any charge memory problems. For the riders that are looking for a battery with a little more juice , there is a lithium LiFePO4 battery upgrade available that gives Street Surfer a 2,000 charge lifespan .
  • Braking: BS anti-lock brakes that are activated with the controller. The brakes also have regenerative technology that increases ride time. Powerful brakes like these are essential for your safety when riding through uneven terrain or flying down hill.

Special Features and Controls

fiik electric skateboard controller

The Street Surfer is controlled by a pistol-grip wireless controller with three different speed settings for every level of rider. If you are a new to riding electric skateboards this is a feature that will greatly help you keep control of the speed of the board.The Street Surfer also comes with a set of LED head and tail lights for riders that enjoy riding at night. If you are looking for an electric skateboard that doesn’t require a controller than you should check out the Zboard Classic.

Fiik Shortii RC Electric Skateboard Review


The Fiik Shortii is very similar to the street surfer but it comes with a few added features. While the street surfer is designed for off road shredding, the Fiik Shortii is better suited for the casual rides. Here are a some features that makes this board a great alternative to the street surfer.

LED lights: With LED lights on the front and back of the board you will have no problem riding at night.

Carrying Handle: This board is still very heavy at 50 pounds, but unlike the street surfer, the Shortii comes with a carrying handle.

Maple Concave Deck: This type of deck helps riders stick to the board with better traction for your feet.

7 Total Score
Fiik Street Surfer Electric Skateboard Review

The Fiik Street Surfer is the perfect board for riders that are looking for something a little more extreme. Whether you are looking to surf down the street or kick up dirt on the trails, the Street Surfer can handle whatever you throw at it. The Fiik Skateboard is a combination of power, range, and ability. The Street Surfer is just pure fun.If you like the style and design of the fiik than you might also enjoy the classic look of the Munkyboard sk-1200.

  • All-terrain capabilities
  • Retro design
  • Great speed
  • Amazing control and maneuverability
  • Very heavy for an electric skateboard.
  • Short riding range.
  • Large visible battery.