Genesis Hellfire Review

genesis hellfire review

The Genesis Hellfire is another electric skateboard with lots of features for riders that are on a budget. The Hellfire comes in either white, orange or green wheels and is fully assembled. This means you can start using it out-of-box and save yourself the wasted time of tightening bolts and attaching motors. With the Hellfire, you can experience state-of-the-art technology and decent materials at a fair price.


genesis hell fire electric skateboard review

Speed- The Genesis Hellfire is a board that specializes in speed. The maximum speed on the Genesis Skateboard is 22MPH at full charge. While it is impressive that you can reach this high speed, you should also note that you can’t reach this speed for the whole lifespan of a single charge. Many riders have reported that the top speed diminishes as you lose battery power. So if you intend on reaching 22mph make sure that you are on full charge.

Range- This unit is able to run about 53 minutes and can cover around 10-12 miles before dying completely. Moreover it takes about 3 hours to completely charge, which is slightly longer than average charging time we have seen on other electric skateboards. This board can hold up to 154 Watt hours, although this might not be enough to go up to 30 miles as advertised by the manufacturer.


Size- Coming in at 35.5 x 8.6 x 5.1 this is a pretty standard size for a longboard so if you previous longboard riding experience you should no problem adjusting to this board.

Weight- This skateboard weighs only 16.5 pounds and with the power of the dual motor it can handle a weight capacity of 260 pounds. There are many lighter boards on the market but at this price point and with the dual motor it will be tough to find a board with this type of value at the same weight.

Remote- The Hellfire Electric Skateboard comes with a remote that ensures you get precise braking and acceleration all from the push of a button. The remote is powered by a lithium-ion battery that fits firmly in your palm. The remote also has a button for controlling the speed you are riding at. You can increase the speed by pressing up the button or press down to slow down. Since there are not pre-set speed on the remote, the speed at which you travel at is wholly dependent on you.

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Board Material- This unit is constructed from 8-Ply Canadian maple wood, which has a solid deck with an extremely large flexible surface area – this gives you extra balance and provides a smooth ride and absorb the shock from the sidewalk. The durable lithium-ion battery is snuggly fitted to the bottom of the deck making the board light weight and easy to carry. The front and rear bridge has high-quality trucks and the exceptional polyurethane 3.5” wheels helps you maintain balance on high speeds

Wheels- The wheel has a base of 30” with reverse kingpin trucks. This is responsible for keeping you stable at top speeds. The wheels are also 90mm wide, which is bigger than the average setup – which is around 65-80mm. As you probably already know, bigger wheels means higher rolling speed and that is good for riding on roads with defects.

7.5 Total Score
Genesis Hellfire Overview

With so many different electric skateboards costing over $1,000 the creators of the Genesis hellfire have carved out nice space in the market for riders that are on a budget. You can reach speeds over 20 mph on a full charge and reach a decent range, the Hellfire definitely provides lots

  • High Speed
  • Simple remote
  • You can unpack the board and hit the road immediately
  • It has average range but it’s one of the most affordable boards in the market
  • It is lightweight and easily carried when skating is no longer needed
  • May struggle on hills
  • Long charge time
  • Battery is average quality