Liftboard Electric Skateboard Review (Single & Dual)

Liftboard Single and Dual Review

If you are looking for an electric skateboard with decent battery life, nice design, and a sturdy build, then we recommend the Liftboard single electric skateboard. The Liftboard is made from a 7-ply maple wood deck and uses a lithium ion powered wireless remote control to give you maximum control over braking and acceleration. If you are new to electric skateboards than the Liftboard may just be the board for you. Read the full Liftboard Single review below.


Speed & Power– Thanks to the 900W belt driven motor on the Liftboard, you can get a max speed of up to 16 miles per hour, which is quite fast if you don’t have much experience riding electric skateboards. An ABEC 5 bearing is also used with the wheels to make the ride both smooth and enjoyable.

The wheels are made from 80mm polyurethane which makes this board ideal for riding on sidewalks but you may lose some speed when on rougher surfaces.  If you are looking for additional power and speed, Liftboard also makes a dual motor version.  The Dual motor can reach speeds up to 18.6 mph but it also carries a bigger price tag. Dual motor electric skateboards are quickly becoming an industry standard because of their ability to handle hills and quickly accelerate. We only recommend the Dual motor for more experienced riders.

The Battery- Like many other skateboards, this brand comes with a lithium ion battery that can give you up to 10+ miles on a single charge which takes about 3 hours. This is a major downfall for the Liftboard. Other skateboards on the market like the Maxfind can be fully charged in less than 90 minutes.

Range-Although the advertised range is 18 miles, some people may only be able to get 10 miles consistently. Range like this expected for a board at this price range. If you ride the Liftboard on a regular basis we recommend charging the board once every week or 10 days.  

The Lifboard has a maximum weight capacity of about 250 pounds. Heavier riders should keep this mind because it will directly affect the acceleration and riding range. The Liftboard Dual is better suited for heavy riders due to its powerful double motor.


Weight- The Liftboard Single weighs a whopping 15 pounds, which is on the high side compared with other models like the Acton Blink light. Although there is a carry handle on the deck, it may lead to hand fatigue if you carry it over a long distance.

Remote- The wireless lithium ion battery powered remote is used for controlling braking and acceleration. Unfortunately there are many owners that have complained about there being issues with the wireless connection. Since many parts of his skateboard are made in China quality concerns are kind of expected.

The Deck-The Liftboard sports a strong and durable deck made from 7-ply maple wood with an ergonomic grip handle. This style of the deck allows for the board to be sturdy and resistant to hard environments. Coming in at 39 x 9 x 15 in. the Liftboard has the same dimensions as traditional longboards.

Liftboard Single and Dual Remote
6.5 Total Score
Liftboard Overview

For the sub $400 price of the Liftboard Single you are getting the right amount of value. This is the ideal electric skateboard for riders that are simply looking to ride a short distance at a reasonable speed. College student and first time riders may especially find this type of electric skateboard useful. With the 90-day warranty, you have ample time to test out the unit and discover all its capabilities. It has its limitations, like any other electric skateboard, but they are minimal.

  • Affordable
  • Sleek Design
  • Sturdy
  • Questionable Quality
  • Poor Remote Connection
  • Average Range