Luoov Electric Skateboard Review

luoov electric skateboard review

About the Luoov Street Devil

The luoov electric skateboard is another skateboard that is sure to get you adrenaline pumping. The luoov electric long board is not as visually appealing as other skateboard like the boosted board but it does have similar specs at a fraction of the cost. Bolstering a price of about $600 The Street Devil offers some great bang for your buck. Some call this board “A dream to ride”. Read the full Luoov elctric skateboard review, below. 


  • Max Speed: 20mph. Like other top of the line electric skateboards on the market, this skateboard reaches an impressive 20 mph. For  a board at this price its quite a steal. 
  • Range: 7 miles. At this range  the average rider should not have to recharge their board more than twice  a week. This is not a lot of range when compared to other electric skateboards but for the price that this board goes for it is expected. If you are looking for a board with more range than you should check out the Yuneec E-Go Cruiser review.
  • Power: 1200 watt lithium-ion extended run flexible battery back. Controlled by a simple Bluetooth controller. If you ever run out of power the board can easily be kick pushed due to the boards 13 pound weight. 
  • Brakes: The luoov has a high tech regenerative braking system. Regenerative brakes briefly recharge the board’s battery when riding downhill so that you can get the most out of your riding time. Regenerative brakes are an essential feature for this board because of the short riding range. 
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  • Weight: 13.2 pounds. Many other electric skateboards on the market weight closer to 15, giving the Luoov Street devil a slight advantage over the competition. The Street Devil is light enough for you carry on to the train or bus without a problem. 
  • Deck Length: 36.9 inches. The Luoov comes in slightly smaller than other longboard brands. The shorter deck length allows for sharper and more precise turns.
  • Trucks:  Made from premium 365 aluminum heavy die casting. These heavy duty trucks are built to last.  
  • Wheels: Made from high quality polyurethane.  For great speed and shock absorption. 

Included With The Luoov Street Devil:

  • The Remote Control: The Bluetooth wireless remote comes with an array of different ways to control the board. The Slow acceleration option allows for precise navigation and control. There are also speed control options for every skill level. Beginner mode restricts the board to going only 8-10 mph, Eco mode restricts speed to 15-16 mph and last expert mode allows for a max speed of 20mph .The linear breaks are very responsive. The cruise control option allows for a much more relaxed ride when you would like to maintain a particular speed for an extended period of time.  Last the battery indicator light always informs you how much power you have left before its time for a recharge.  
  • Charger: The board includes a 120 VAC charger that will fully charge the Street Devil in as little as 2 hours.

Special Features:

An excellent feature that can be  found with this board but not many others is the unique cruise control mode. When riding up hills this feature is very effective. Imagine not having to balance the gas and breaks when trying to maintain a consistent speed riding uphill. The Street Devil is also water/ splash proof so even on days that rain has just fallen  you can still shred the streets. 

8 Total Score
Luoov Electric Skateboard Review Overview

The Luoov Street Devil Electric skateboard is the ideal board for riders that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an electric skateboard. Many of the Street Devil’s specs and features are similar to those found on premium model’s but the board's design is very simple and somewhat basic. If you do not care much for looks and are looking to save some money, then this is the board for you.

  • Unique cruise control mode for long consistent rides
  • Easily climbs hills at 20% grade.
  • Low price when compared to other electric skateboards on the market
  • Slightly lighter than the typical electric skateboard (13.2 pounds)
  • Splash Proof
  • Does not have the same visual appeal as other high priced electric skateboards.
  • No customization options to upgrade the board.