Maxfind Electric Skateboard Review

maxfind electric skateboard review

The Maxfind Board Dual Electric Skateboard is a unique board in both design and performance. It has the size and style of a standard longboard and comparable speed to some of the more high-end electric skateboards on the market. Factor in the affordability of this board you are getting a product that offers its riders both value and practicality. Read the full Maxfind Dual review below.


Speed & PowerThe Maxfind Dual motor makes it quite fast, compared to other brands in the same price range. This dual motor outputs 360 Watts of power that allows for the board to reach up to 17 mph. When it comes to power, a dual motor is quickly becoming the industry standard. The added torque of having 2 motors comes really comes in handy when you need to climb hills or make quick maneuvers. According to the manufacturer and a number of other owners, the Maxfind’s dual motor is capable of climbing 25-degree hills without a problem.

The maximum weight capacity is also 220 pounds but the tenacious structure of the Maxfind ensures that it can support the weight of most adults.

*Riders that are heavier than 220 pounds should keep in mind that the speed and overall performance may vary due to the added weight.

Range- You can expect to travel with the Maxfind at a maximum speed of 17  mph for a range of 10-17 miles on a single charge. However, you need to put your weight and the condition of the asphalt you are traveling into consideration. If you have previous experience of riding skateboards and want a fast form of transportation for medium range commutes, the Maxfind Dual is worth the price.


maxfind dual electric skateboard review specs

Weight-Even though the Maxfind is fairly long, it is relatively lightweight. It weighs just around 13 pounds and because it is lightweight, controlling, transporting and storing it is going to be easy for you.

The Maxfind Dual comes in 2 different styles. The Max A and Max B. The only difference between them is that the Max B has grip cut outs on both sides of the board for easy transportation. We Recommend the Max B if you intend on carrying this board between many locations, not just casual riding.

Remote- Controlling this skateboard is easy thanks to the compact handheld cordless remote controller. The wireless handheld controller gives you maximum control over deceleration, acceleration, direction (Forwards and Backwards) and brake. This Bluetooth remote is fairly standard and is comparable to other similarly priced electric skateboards.

Wheels- The Maxfind sits on 83mm polyurethane wheels. Because the polyurethane is of the highest quality, you can expect a high rebound and long lasting wheels.

This also prevents slipping when you are traversing challenging terrains and asphalts.

Size- The MAXFIND Board Dual measures 37.99 x 10 in.This size makes it more stable and balanced especially when you are riding downhill. If you are used to riding traditional longboard you will have no problem riding the Maxfind.

maxfind dual electric skateboard remote

The Deck-The board material often determines the performance of a skateboard. If it is constructed from high quality materials, you should expect the same level of performance.

Fortunately, the deck on the Maxfind electric longboard is made from 8-ply maple wood material, which guarantees a durable and a sturdy board for tough riding.

The deck measures 38″ in length, which not only accommodates you in the best way possible but also ensures you enjoy a balanced ride on both flat surfaces and hills.

8 Total Score
Maxfind Dual Overview

If you are on a budget the Maxfind Dual is a special electric skateboard for the price. Its traditional style and impressive dual motor provide value that is comparable to other high end electric skateboards. If you decide to get this board you should also keep in mind that the Max B version has wider build when compared to the Max A.

  • Due to its lightweight, it is easy to transport and carry around
  • Easy to store in compact spaces.
  • It charges rapidly
  • The high-quality materials ensure long life and durability
  • The wireless controller makes it easy to use and control
  • Rides smoothly and turns easily
  • You can ride it as a normal long board
  • Waterproof battery guard
  • Automatic Shutdown & Power Save modes
  • Slower speed when going uphill
  • It can only accommodate up to 220 pounds
  • Some bad online reviews