Metro Board Slim Stealth Edition Electric Skateboard Review

metroboard Slim Stealth Review

About the Metroboard

With the so many electric skateboards available on the market today it can be a challenge to find the best board that fits your style of riding. Introducing the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard, one of the most customizable and unique electric longboards available today.  From custom bearings to upgradable battery packs, the Metroboard Slim can be built for every type of rider.

The Metroboard started as a garage-based operation in 2003 that later turned into a very successful company offering high quality electric skateboards at an affordable price. They pride themselves on their amazing customer service and fast response time so if you have any problems or issues with the board getting help is easy.

Over the years, Metroboards has released a number of different electric skateboard that come in many different styles and at different price points. This review will be focused on their new sleek Metroboard Slim Stealth Edition. Like other high end electric longboards  on the market (The Boosted Board), the Metroboard Stealth edition has a smooth slick design with a powerful motor that fits into a very compact space. The customization ability and the unique features are what really separate this board from the rest of its competition. Read the full Metroboard review below.

Performance & Specs

Board Length and Deck: The Metroboard Stealth comes with a 41” all-black deck which gives this board a high end feel without being too flashy. The Stealth edition has been improved for 2016 with slightly better concavity and a smaller kicktail for easy kickturns. If you are looking for a deck with a little more color, the team over at Metroboard reviews all customization request and can put something together for you.

Trucks: Caliber II 10’ Reverse Kingpin: These beautifully crafted trucks are designed for smooth carving on all terrain. They are also very easy on the eyes.

The Motor: A 6374 Brushless 3000 watt (peak power) motor. The motor on the Meterobard Slim Stealth is what really makes it special. Weighing in at just under 2 pounds, this motor is 1/3 the size of the standard Metroboard motor.  Not to mention that this board is as quiet as it gets.

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Weight: When fitted with the 40 mile battery pack, Metroboard Stealth weighs around 23 pounds. This is very heavy when compared to other electric skateboards but the added range makes it worth the added weight. If you are looking for a lighter option you can also customize the board to run on a 10 mile battery back which drops the board to just under 15 pounds. 

The Battery: The battery comes in 4 different capacities for everyone’s budget. A 10 mile version, 15 mile, a 20 mile and their new extreme 40 mile range version. Getting 40 miles out of an electric skateboard is unheard of.  Some of the most high end electric skateboards like the Evolve Carbon Street max out at 25 miles. With 40 miles of juice, the average rider can go over a month without a recharge.

The Controller: The new redesigned controller has been improved with the new ability to drive seven 3 watt LEDs.

Top Speed: With a top speed of 20 mph getting your adrenaline fix should be no problem.

Special Features

Lighting: The Stealth is fitted with four 1 watt LED lights . 2 LED lights in the front (that come in blue or white) is just bright enough for you see where your board is going in the dark. The other 2 red LEDs in the rear help for grabbing the attention of others that would otherwise not be able to see you riding at night. These added LEDs are a great safety feature. The Maverix Cruiser electric skateboard is another great board that comes with LED lights.

8.5 Total Score
Metro Board Slim Stealth Edition Electric Skateboard OVerview

Metroboard is successful company that continues to grow every year. As their company continues to grow so does the quality of their electric skateboards. The 41” Stealth edition is a prime example of how far they have come. With a 40 mile range battery you will be carving the streets for weeks on a single charge. The stealth edition has all of the features and specifications that can be found in a premium electric skateboard, at reasonable price. To learn more about how you can get a Metroboard stealth and read other reviews visit: