MotoTec Electric Skateboard Review


About the MotoTec 1600W All-Road Electric Skateboard

Looking for an electric skateboard that can shred the streets and handle rough terrains? Look no further than the MotoTec 1600W All-Road Electric Skateboard. This electric skateboard is the perfect board for off-road fun and on-road transportation. The dual motors provide substantial power and great traction control. This board was designed for the off-road enthusiast that arent afraid of getting a little dirty. Read the full MotoTec electric skateboard review below. 


  • Max Speed – 22mph : For a skateboard with all-terrain capabilities,this is a generous amount of speed. Keep in mind that you will be reaching 22mph on flat smooth surfaces. When riding through a rougher surface the max speed will fluctuate. This board will get you from 0-15mph in just 3.5 seconds. 
  • Range– 10 miles : A riding range of 10 miles is also very impressive, considering how much this board weighs. A typically rider would only need to charge this board once a week.The max range is also dependent on the weight of the rider. 
  • Battery– The  MotoTec  Electric Skateboard has 36 volt that charges from empty to full in about 4 hours. It would be great if this board would charge in under 3 hours but it’s not a deal breaker.
  • Power– A powerful 1600 watt dual motor. This powerful motor is what really separates the  MotoTec All-Road Electric Skateboard from other boards on the market. Each of the motors is pumping out 800watts of power. The dual motor setup prevents the board from twisting during acceleration. Single motor electric skateboard often suffers from “single-wheel spin”.


  • Weight – 71ld : Like many other all-terrain electric  skateboards the   MotoTec  Electric Skateboard is very heavy. Normally you would want a lighter board so that it can be easily transported. All terrain boards are so heavy due to their durability and ruggedness.
  • Deck Length– 45 inches:45 inches is slightly longer than your typical electric skateboard. This added length makes it easier for novice riders to feel more comfortable while riding. 
  • Deck Material- 12 ply maple.
  • Wheels – 10 inch air filled tires. The 10 inch ties are specifically designed to handle rough surfaces 10 inches will have you pretty high off of the ground but this is necessary for absorbing all of the bumps that you will be encounterig. 
7.5 Total Score
MotoTec Electric Skateboard Review Summary

The MotoTec 1600W All-Road Electric Skateboard is a top of the line electric skateboard that is ideal for your off-road adventures but it's also a great board for simply riding through the park. All terrain electric skateboards are known for their high price so it is nice to see that MotoTec has built an affordable electric skateboard with similar specifications and features that can be found in more expensive boards. If you are looking for a board that is little more practical for everyday use and easy transportation the MotoTec Street 600 Watt is also a quality board. The 600 Watt Street edition is not very powerful but it is lightweight when compared tot he 1600 watt version.

  • Great top speed.
  • Powerful 1600 watt dual motor
  • Wireless controller with built in LEDbattery meter.
  • Respectable 10-mile riding range.
  • Some riders have complained about the board being too heavy.
  • Fairly long charge time.