Munkyboards sk-1200bl Electric Skateboard Review

Munkyboards Electric Skateboard Review

About The Munkyboard Sk-1200bl

Munkyboards electric skateboards are what you get when you mix a smooth retro design with modern motorized power. The Munyboards come in various sizes and speeds, 200 watts, 500 watts, 900 watts, and 1200 watts. The Sk-1200 is their most advanced model and is great board for tearing down the streets or for an off road adventure. With both low and high speed settings this board is a great fit for any type of rider. Read the full Munkyboard Electric skateboard review below.


  • Max Speed 28 mph. For an electric skateboard at a $1,200 price point you may be looking for more power but with a board this size its understandable.
  • RangeUp to 16 miles. What many riders forget to take into account is that the riding range varies from the size of the rider. For example , one Munkyboard owner that Is 235 pounds was able to squeeze out exactly 15 miles on a ride down the beach while another much smaller rider was able to get the board closer to a 20 mile ride range.  
  • Power It has a strong 1200W 36V lithium ion battery with a ride time of about 70 minutes. Unfortunately, the sk-1200 is a one wheel drive electric brushless motor but you can really feel the torque underneath you when accelerating.
munkyboard 1200 Watt electric skateboard


  • Weight The Munkyboard sk-1200 weighs 51 pounds. Any electric skateboard that weighs over 50 pounds is not practical for your daily commute or carrying on the train/bus. This is the ideal board for a fun ride through the park or down the beach, not to work.  
  • Deck Length–  48 inches. This board is huge. A 4 foot long board ensures that you maintain optimal stability on all terrains. At 22 inches in width it’s easy to ride the Monkeyboard with different food stances or even while sitting .
  • Truck Width- This board comes with 10 inches of Truck Width.
  • Wheels 75mm ,The Orangatang wheels are built from high strength urethane with a 56mm contact patch. Wheels are not customizable.  
  • Remote ControlEvery board comes with a dual speed setting remote control. Having 2 speed settings allows for beginners to ride at a slow controlled sped. But for extreme riders to feel the feel full speed with no restriction.
  • ChargerCharging is not a problem here. It comes with a USB portable charger with a battery level indicator. The Munkyboard charges in just three to four hours. The short charge time of the Munkyboard is due to the well designed lithium battery.
7.5 Total Score
Munkyboards sk-1200bl Electric Skateboard Review Summary

The Munkyboard SK-1200 is an electric skateboard that is designed for the all terrain enthusiast. The boards massive size not only provides excellent stability for bumpy rides, but it makes the board quite appealing to consumers that don’t typically ride skateboards. The SK-1200 may be a little pricier than other boards on the market but the high-quality parts, a fun design and a 90 day warranty definitely make it worth the cost.

  • Comes with a small tool bag.
  • Strong battery.
  • LED lights on remote and charger.
  • Speed indicator on the remote.
  • 90-day full warranty. There are very few electric skateboards for sale on the market that offer a warranty past 30 days. This is a huge plus.
  • Single 1200Watt motor.
  • Remote bluetooth connectivity can be inconsistent when riding through areas that multiple smart phones are present