Yuneec E-Go & E-Go 2 Electric Skateboard Reviews


About the E-Go Electric Skateboard

Looking for an electric skateboard that is both practical and affordable? Look no further than the Yuneec E-go Electric skateboard. The E-Go is an electric skateboard that has managed to create real value for itself with its affordability impressive riding range. It is also one of the only electric skateboards available today that can be controlled from your iPhone via bluetooth (android coming soon).  As of 2017 the  E-Go has gained so much much popularity that the engineers have come together to produce a 2nd version that is even more impressive than the original version. Read the full Yuneec E-go and E-Go 2 review below.


  • Max Speed: 12mph. The max speed of the E-Go Cruiser Is much lower than other electric skateboards at this price, but this seems to be what Yuneec had in mind when building the e-go. This board is intended for a more relaxed ride and long distances.
  • Power: 400 Watt brushless direct motor. This motor is very small when compared to other high powered electric skateboards (like the 1200 watt boosted board). The E-Go Lithium ion battery has a  flexible and water resistant casing that bends and shape with the board’s movement. This flexible casing allows for riders to enjoy the maneuverability of a more traditional long board but with the power of an electric skateboard. 
  • Range: 18 miles. This is one of  the longest ranges of any electric skateboard that we have ever reviewed. 18 miles on one charge will last the average rider close to 2 weeks on a single charge. The sacrifice of low speed is well worth the added range. (Keep in  mind that the longer you keep the motor running at top speed, the less distance you will be getting out of the board.) 
e-go electric skateboard
  • Wheels: The Yuneec E-Go wheels are manufactured from superior polyurethane. These wheels provide a real comfortable ride even when riding on uneven surfaces. Having high quality wheels is essential for long rides.
  • The Deck: Made from 8 layers of Canadian maple wood with attractive orange accents along the edges. The orange accents are a very nice touch to  the E-Go and are sure to turn some heads.


  • Weight:13.9 lbs. The low weight of the E-Go is quite impressive considering the size of the battery and the extended range. The bottom of the board is covered in carbon fiber which helps keep the E-Go just under 14 pounds. There only a select few electric skateboards available today that are built with carbon fiber. 
  • Deck Length: 37 inches. This is the exact length that you would like a longboard to be. Especially for slow rides and cruising.
  • Truck Width: 11 Inches.
yuneec ego review remote

Controller and Special Features

  • Remote Control : The speed of the Yuneec E-Go Cruiser is controlled with by a slider on the controller. To make the board go forward, you simply move the slider up. To activate the breaks move the slider down. The E-Go controller has a very simple design with informative LED lights and riding style settings. The blue light on the remote indicates the controllers battery status and the green light on the remote indicates the deck’s battery status. Unlike other electric skateboard controllers this controller has a built in flashlight for those that enjoy riding at night. The controller connects to the board wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • The App: Iphone users can connect to their E-go board through an all-in-one control app. The app includes features such as a speedometer for tracking your speed, a battery status indicator, and travel distance tracker. This is the only electric skateboard on the market with a board companion app.
  • Charging Port: Another unique feature that the Yuneec E-Go has over other electric skateboards is the built in USB port. This USB port allows for you to charge your board remote or cell phone when on the go. We live in  a world where our cell phones are an essential part of our every day lives so a feature like this is a must have. 

** Yuneec E-go 2 Electric Skateboard Review **


Introducing the Yuneec E-GO 2, a Chinesee engineering that is better known for their E-Go Cruiser electric skateboard. The new E-Go 2 has many of the  same specs as the e-go cruiser but the trucks have been upgraded for smoother carving. What really separates the Ego 2 from the original is the unique color design. There are five color variations available: Lemon Punch,Space Purple, Royal Wave, Hot Pink and Deep Mint.

The shape of the E-Go has also changed, from more of a traditional longboard design to more of a cruiser with precise handling. You will have no problem navigating this board through tight space.

7.5 Total Score
Yuneec E-Go Electric Skateboard Review Overview

Made in California from the finest material, the Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Electric skateboard is the ideal board for a relaxed ride at an affordable price. Unlike other skateboards, the E-GO board is not a speed demon. At a moderate price of $699 and a long 6-month warranty. The E-Go is the perfect board for people that simply looking to enjoy the ride.

  • The 18 miles or riding range.
  • 13.9 pounds is very low when considering the 18-mile battery pack.
  • This is the only board with an intuitive responsive companion app.
  • Built-in USB charging port for the controller and a number of different devices.
  • Great price point.
  • A little slow for people that are looking for something a little more extreme
  • A basic controller when compared to others that come with electric longboards.