Zboard Classic Electric Skateboard Review

zboard classic electric skateboard review

About The Zboard Classic

Are you looking for a user-friendly, easy to ride, and intuitive electric skateboard? The Zboard Classic might just be the board for you. The patented weight sensing control makes the Zboard Classic electric skateboard a ride like no other. With two sensors at either end, that relies on your weight distribution to move the board. There is no need for a remote. Features like this are what really make the Zboard classic a one of a kind skateboard. Read the full Zboard classic review below.


  • Max Speed: 15mph. This is an average but comfortable speed for a mid-range electric skateboards. The default Premium 110m smooth rubber wheels offer 15mph top speed, but the Zboard has an optional feature to add Urethane Wheels, raising its top speed to almost 18 mph.
  • Range: 5 miles. This is the one downfall of the Zboard Classic when compared to other skateboards in this price range. But what separates the Zboard from other mid-range electric skateboards is that, the Zboard classic comes with a hill hold feature. When climbing up steep hills the zboard will assist with holding the board to you. The addition of urethane wheels also adds another 2 miles to the board, extending its range to 7 miles.
  • Power: 400W direct motor.
zboard electric skateboard review


zboard classic electric skateboard review 2
  • Weight: 33lbs. Anything over 30 pounds is quite heavy. The technology built into this board largely contributes to its weight.You can find heavier electric skateboards on the market, but those skateboards normally have off road capabilities. This may seem like major downfall but at the price its an even trade off.
  • Deck Length: 40 inches. 40 inches is a great length for a longboard, not too long or too short. Even though the zboard weighs 30 pounds it is still quite impressive that the Zboard classic electric skateboard engineers were able to fit all of their weigh sensing technology into such a compact space.
  • Truck Width: 10.5 inches.
  • Wheels: 110mm rubber. The smooth rubber wheels are perfectly built for inclines. And the optional feature to add Urethane Wheels, which further improves the board performance, through both speed as well as range.
  • Deck: The Zboard Classic electric skateboard is made up of 6 layers of Canadian maple plywood. The deck has also been designed with a grip on the right side of the board, for your carrying convenience.
  • Battery: The Zboard Classic comes with sealed lead acid batteries. Like the wheels, the company has added a feature to replace the battery with a advanced Lithium iron phosphate battery, which shaves off nearly 7 pounds of weight from the board, right away. Charging the battery from zero to 100% takes five to six hours.

Special Features:

zboard classic electric skateboard special features
  • Patented weight sensing control: The weight sensors placed towards either end of the board controls the board’s motion. The board’s movement is based on the weight distributed over these sensors. Leaning forward makes the board move forward and leaning backward does the breaking, as well as reverse functions. The sensors are progressive. Which means, the more you lean forward, faster the board goes and the same for the breaking functions. This avoids the usage of any wireless remotes or any other hand based controllers.The Zboard has the feel and control of a traditional skateboard but the power of an electric skateboard.
  • Night riding performance: Additional customization options like the wheels, battery, and led lights are available upon request from the manufacturer. The led lights make the board comfortable for night rides.
7 Total Score
Zboard Classic Electric Skateboard Review Summary

The Z-board Classic may not come with the top-notch specs that you would get with a more expensive electric skateboard but it does have its own charm. The weight sensing technology is one of a kind feature that has yet to be replicated on any other electric skateboard. This is the perfect electric longboard for riders that are looking for advanced features at a fraction of the price. Priced at a modest $599 the value is definitely there.

  • Hands-free control.
  • Motor with incredible response on inclines
  • Quality deck.
  • 33lbs, which is quite heavy for such a short riding range.
  • No battery indicators
  • Long charge time.